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CESMI Conference
2015 Contributors

Listed Chronologically


1.    Benjamin De Alba, Assistant Secretary for Rail and Ports, California State Transportation Agency

2.    Morten Høglund, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


3.    Heather Arias, Air Resources Board (ARB), Freight Transport Branch

4.    Peggy Tarrico, Air Resources Board, Ocean Going Vessel team

5.    Hege Økland and Nils Aadland, Maritime CleanTech

6.    Jan Emblemsvag, Rolls-Royce, Ship Design & Systems, Commercial Marine

7.    Tom Cantero, Air Products

8.  Sigmund Larsen, Environor


9.  Rachel Etherington, AltaSea

Ocean and Shore

10.  Carter Atkins, Port of Los Angeles, environmental lead for issues for ocean-going vessels

11.  Paul Holthus, WOC

12. Stephan Weiss, JPL, Technologist, Computer Vision Group

13. Michael Wolf, JPL

14. Kevin Peters, SGS

15. Linda Kovary, CSLC

16. Birgir Nilsen, Optimarin

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